Carol's Pasture Raised Eggs


Carol’s Mission

Bringing People Back to the Land

Starting in the 1950s, many Americans really lost their way when it came to the food they grew and ate. They let the government and Big Agriculture convince them that bigger was better, that simple vegetables should be shipped halfway around the world, and that a Big Mac should only cost a couple of bucks. This unsound (some would say insane) approach has wrought incredible damage to our health, to our environment—and to our souls.

While it’s only a small step, we hope that by bringing Carol’s to you, we can help this unhealthy tide begin to turn.

We believe that food should be grown locally by those that care for the land and love to farm. That these farmers should be paid what their food is worth—not a price set by the cost of a poor imitation, made in some faraway factory.

Our goal is to offer products that allow an interested family the opportunity to start a farm, with an investment that is feasible. Our farmers can raise our eggs—and perhaps a few other crops or animals—on a small, diversified farm that honors, rather than defiles, its landscape.

To learn more about the movement, visit FarmAid, Family Farm Defenders, or our B-Corp Certified page.


Carol’s Story

Carol Laflamme grew up gathering eggs and caring for chickens on her family’s farm in Monroe, New Hampshire, in the heart of the White Mountains. Today that farm—now over 140 years old—is home base for Pete and Gerry’s Organic Eggs, a leading producer of certified humane free-range and organic eggs.  Carol’s son Jesse now runs the farm with help from his father, Gerry, and they’re proud to help guide it through its fourth generation.

Carol, a devoted gardener and animal lover (especially chickens), has long been passionate about sustainable farming and breeding methods—and just as passionate about providing opportunities for other farmers to get started. Now, her Pasture-Raised Organic and Heirloom Eggs can help make those visions a reality.