Carol's Pasture Raised Eggs


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No matter which flock they come from, all Carol’s eggs are exceptional.  All are raised on small, diversified farms committed to caring land stewardship and humane farm animal care.

Pasture-Raised Organic Eggs | 6-pack


Gathered from hens who spend their days on fresh green, certified organic pasture on small New England farms, these eggs provide a delicious taste of place and season.

Cage-Free Heirloom Blue Eggs | 6-pack


Laid by prized heirloom blue hens, these striking slate-blue eggs feature rich, golden yolks and old-fashioned egg flavor.

Cage-Free Heirloom Brown Eggs | 6 pack


These dark, chocolate-brown eggs, laid by heirloom brown hens, have long been sought after by chefs and knowing cooks for their excellent flavor and deep-gold yolks.