Carol's Pasture Raised Eggs

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Carol’s Story

Growing up on our family farm in Northern New Hampshire, our hens spent their nights roosting in the barn and their days pecking the grass in the sunshine. I would help collect the eggs for my dad. I thought it was fun. But, with modern farming practices seeking greater efficiency all the time, having little girls collect eggs in the pasture probably wasn’t a great business model. After that, hens kind of became like tiny cogs in a big egg-making machine across the egg industry.

At Carol’s Eggs, we have tried to turn back the clock a little. Our Certified Humane, Pasture-Raised hens live in very small flocks and they have ample pasture to run around on green grass, scratch in the dirt, socialize, and peck around for any unsuspecting insects they might find. We know this makes for better eggs. It also makes for happier hens, not to mention happier farmers. We ask our loyal fans to pay a bit more for their eggs so that we can produce your eggs this way.

Unfortunately, you can’t sell a dozen eggs for less than the cost of a bottle of water when you want to treat both hens and farmers with respect. But if you’re like me, you will still feel like you still get a great value when you buy small flock, pasture-raised eggs like ours.

Eggs are little miracles. Good ones are worth it.